Book of Days

This page is dedicated to posting the Book of Days which I have written for many years. It's origins are in my study of the Toltec traditions, however it is also full of ideas that come from other philosophies particularly eastern cultures. This collection includes entries since January 2004. Of course my perceptions have changed since I first wrote these daily diddies for my mailing list at the time, but much of it remains highly pertinent to the present times and may serve as food for thought on the way to thinking with the heart.
There are some terms in this writing which may become more clear if you read The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. In this book, don Miguel who is a Nagual in what is called the eagle knight lineage of Toltec (a civilization preceding the Aztec near Mexico in a place called Teotihuacan "The place where man becomes God", teaches the Toltec version of what Buddhists describe as "self-inquiry". The Toltec term for this process is called stalking, as an eagle hunts or a jaguar (there is also a Jaguar lineage in Toltec tradition).
The objective of stalking is to catch the parasite (aka ego, personalit...that with which we have erooneously identified and which runs our show on the auto-pilot of our belief is our belief system mistaken for ourselves). Once we have a handle on the parasite we can consciously change it's content and use it as a tool, an ally to create a dream of heaven on earth.
There are three masteries that are a part of this process. Simply put, what I have just described is the mastery of awareness. The mastery of transformation comes with releasing the energy we have invested in the belief system or parasite so that we may live from the mastery of intention which is having conscious choice in our life expression and experience....(my term: expressience).
After many years of searching, I have studied the Toltec tradition for the last 7 years as an apprentice and teacher in the eagle knight lineage of Miguel Ruiz, with Deborah Lord, through the Toltec Mystery School. The effects on my life have been considerable and I recommend reading any of don Miguel's books to anyone who might be interested.

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