Meditating on the Times

Chanting for affordable gas? Stranger things have happened. Lynn McTaggert, author of The Field, tells the story of a research study that indicates positive prayer improved the health condition of history. The health records showed that a random sample of people who were prayed for six years after they were sick were better at the time of their illness, than those with the same illness who were not prayed for. Quantum physics finds that outcomes are indeed affected by our thoughts. We get what we look for. Just as easily as we can be swayed by bad news, we can use the energy of thought to sway us and the world we touch in a positive way. Positive thinking is the root of all constructive outcomes. There are 108 mala beads in a set. What if you had 108 positive thoughts today? How would you keep track? If not by beads, perhaps chicken scratches on a card in you pocket. Try holding a positive thought for 108 seconds. We do make a difference with every thought. Will it help to meditate on the price of gas? What the heck. It couldn't hurt, might even make the guy at the next pump smile.

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