Traffic Meditation

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Pic Michel said...

I like this little meditation dude, he shows up in a lot of my 'toons. He is the proverbial seeker: seeking to know, seeking to please, seeking to prove, seeking to find what he already possesses but may not see.

This cartoon was originally named the Law of Attraction speaking directly to the skepticism pointed at simple truths and practices like meditation. Such things are often viewed as nice, even enjoyable, but not always practical when it comes to dealing with everyday, "real" traffic. Most of it seems too simplistic. Exactly!

Too often keeping it simple attracts inner critics or outer critics who want explanations. Some things can't be explained. Some things don't need to be explained. And some things, even well-explained, might generate more confusion than clarity.

The bottom-line is there's something else to be attracted when we take care of ourselves. Pure and simple well-Being. It's your spirit, take care of it, enjoy the ride and the traffic!