The Perfection of Imperfection

Well, with Mercury in retrograde this is either a really good or a really bad time to run this 'toon. No matter how well we know the spiel we may sometimes find ourselves reciting our lines through clenched teeth as we attempt to move beyond feelings of disappointment, frustration and resentment. Retrograde or not, it seems there is a kind of backward way of perfecting things in our culture and that is by finding fault and problems that need fixing. Okay so everybody doesn’t do it. For every judge there is usually a victim. But it isn’t unusual for victims to judge so they too can demand perfection or possibly seem more perfect themselves.

If you’re wondering when this cartoon box addendum in going to lighten up, how, 'bout right now! If we were all to suddenly let go of any and all expectations for perfection the whole meaning of life would be lighter. Perfect makes practice. That’s a practice we can never master but which requires us to ever find that which needs perfecting. It's a part of the problem-solving paradigm of the planet, and really, what fun is that? Perfecting will never put us in touch with the Perfect. In fact it draws us away from the Source of all that is perfect. Perfection doesn’t need to be attained, it just IS, and it is only through allowing it to Be, that we will ever see it.

Seeing Perfection in our lifetime, in everything, at this very moment is completely and entirely possible. And, there's not much we need to do to experience it. Just find nothing unacceptable. I know, that can be difficult but when given a chance, it really works and can be quite fun. No matter how wretched a thing may at first appear, admire how perfectly wretched it is. Don’t try to change it. Don't wish it would go away. Don't identify and resist imperfections. And be sure to appreciate any difficulty you have with this process as absolutely perfect for what it is.

When we accept perceived unacceptables as perfect as they IS, we are allowing for, appreciating, and expressiencing everything in balance. Of course when we continue to find things unacceptable there is little opportunty for balance and harmony because the space is filled with worries and resistance -- which of course is not unacceptable (zen intended) but is also not the limits of our expressience either.

A good place to practice unconditional acceptance is whenever you think about a particular president. It doesn't matter which one you pick (though I have my "favorite"). Just imagine how quickly that individual becomes powerless to throw you off balance when you find him to be perfect considering who he is rather than who you think he should be. He may be perfectly wretched, maybe even better at it than anyone else in recent memory! Perfectly great at it! In the words of Paul McCartney attributed to Mother Mary: Let it Be.

Appreciate all that is, as it is, in the IS of the moment. When your mind wants to wander off on how unacceptable it will be in some way, bring it back to the perfection of imperfection in the here and now. Half of all our problems will disappear when we let go of the need to perfect everything else. The other half of ALL OUR problems will disappear when we let go of the need to perfect ourselves. Sure, we'll still have reasons to grow, and things we want to do, but rather than problems, they will be simply awesome.

When we're free of the promblem solving dynamic, all of our energy is available to Be all the perfection that IS naturally in each of us. Therein lies true mastery over habitual actions that leave us stuck sitting on the couch arms folded, minds frustrated. As many a guru say, Be Here Now. When we love (appreciate, accept) All As IS (yes, there could be some hidden code in that) we are no longer disappointed, our personal power is freed up, and the world can be a better place. Really.

Peacefully, Pic;)

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epriestess said...

This is well-put. So many articles on the perfection of imperfection seem to gloss over how to get there. I appreciate your perspective.