The Essence of Worry - Doubt and Trust

While the Monarch butterfly seems to travel great distances on a precise path, there is not a single Monarch that completes the journey from Mexico to Canada and back again. There are many that contribute to that appearance. Each and every one is born with exactly what it needs. They are not taught the way and have no need to learn or acquire anything to fulfill their purpose. All of them are simply being, beautiful, inspiring in the moment, as are we when we let go of the notion there is anything else. Doubt that? Let go. And be careful when you do, because the temptation is then to trust, and to trust, one must have some level of faith that there is something to doubt. There is not. Every Monarch will meet its end, not a single one lives with the trust that the journey will be completed, nor the doubt that it will continue. To let go of doubt is to let go of trust, else one remains on a path that will consistently circle back on itself. There is one way for each Monarch and that is to follow the way laid out within. Could anything less be true of you?

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