Take a Leap

There's and old Zen saying, leap and the net will appear. It is one that has guided many for a long time, but perhaps not as one might think. The saying acknowledges the human desire for safety in order to take risks. The truth is there are no risks as nothing is separate from Source. The guarantee of a gentle, safe landing almost takes the wind out of the sails of any leap. To leap is to fly over, bypass, or transcend the steps usually considered a must by most. A leap is getting off the path of conditions and consequences, unless we are attached to a landing. With leaps we look for length, height, and view. As far as landings go, we look for safety and cush. But what if we leap without expectations, not all by ourself against against the wind of outer circumstances, but into the awareness of the Self that underlies the wind and all that Is? Then we could leap and the need for the net would disappear.

photo Hang Gliding Area near Sandy Beach, Oahu, 2008 Fair
courtesy of Karen at picasa.com

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