The Composition of a Happy New Year

As we approach the beginning of a new year, I am grateful for the myriad ways I witness the process of those moving through the hopes and concerns regarding creative ability.  It is truly a gift to see it unfold as a new way of seeing is revealed.
The foundation of any work of art is its composition.  It doesn’t matter if the work is figurative or abstract, visual, music, theatre, dance or literature. If the composition is good, the work will perform. Composition is the relatedness of the elements the work contains. Composition is the feng shui of creative expression.

On one level, we learn to see how the energy of the work moves through geometric and mathematical configurations often layered and interlocking.  At the same time, we see the true composition of a work of art is not between the elements presented, but within the observer.
From the first note, stoke of paint, letter that is laid down, step taken, or word spoken, nothing exists but the vision of the artist and this continues throughout the composition of the work.  How an artist looks at the work is what makes it apparent, but there is something even more powerful than this.  As the artist views the work, the composition of the entire creative experience is formed.
We are all artists, and our lives are our greatest creative expressions.  Thank you for sharing yours with me.  May we all be true to our creative nature in 2010.

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