Drawing with Wire and Finding Hidden Dragons

Changing channels between artist and creative facilitator has its challenges. Oftentimes its tough to just find the time to get the word out.  So it is that I'm blogging at the last minute to let you know about two very different events both dealing with creative energy at the beginning of October.

Saturday, October 1, the Kennedy-Montgomery Building Art Studios will be open 6:30-8:30, 6566 Montgomery Road, in conjunction with CLICK! an exhibit of photography at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center (right next door).  I'll be in my studio pulling wire creating continuous-line drawings in mid-air while my paintings hang on the walls.  Ask about classes and commissions, or just hang out and have a cup of tea and conversation. One thing I might be talking about is a new group that will be meeting for the first time on the following Monday...

The Shamanic Arts Party is different from the classes that cross-reference life and art, in that we will be applying the media of creative energy to life alone as the canvas.  The first workshop is Crouching Jaguar, Hidden Dragon, Monday, October 3, 7-9pm.  In this workshop, the three Toltec masteries are blended with the metaphor of the Chinese Cheng Yu (idiom) to gain better understanding about how the jaguar could miss the dragon, and what the dragon really is.  We will use journeying, and reflective exercises (awareness) to positively identify, free and re-direct this energy in our lives (transformation) according to our will (intent).  Learn More about the Shamanic Arts Party or call 513-549-4607 to save a place (space is limited).

CC licensed Dragon photo by miheco and jaguar photo by magicmonkey at Flickr.com

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