Intuitive Renderings

  What works?  With so much to do what guides do you use to help determine what you really want, and what to watch out for as you strive to achieve your goals?  Maybe it's time to try some new ways to access your inner wisdom and remove the illusion of outer limits.  What is yet to come requires only our presence in the moment to find actualization.
  Next weekend I'm going to try something I've always done in a new way. I have always been able to draw from the verbal descriptions of others. I see what they say and put it on paper. That has turned into many beautiful paintings, illustrations and cartoons. I am also frequently consulted about dreams -- both waking and sleeping.  November 19-20 I am introducing a way anyone can get an intuitive drawing from me using The Deck of Prompts at the Victory of Light Expo, then again at a fundraiser for MUSE, Cincinnati's Women's Chorus on December 19.
  The Deck of Prompts contains more than 100 classic mystical dream, shamanic and tarot symbols in written form.  When you shuffle the deck with the intention of receiving inspiration, the word symbols align in a spread telling a story that can be interpreted like a dream.

    Your word prompts serve as the inspiration for a continuous-line drawing which illustrates the meaning behind your spread.  Your hand-colored Intuitive Rendering is yours to take home and keep. Come to Victory of Light and visit my booth, number 229, to get your Intuitive Rendering.  I will also have some inspiring posters, Numerology-inspired greeting cards, cartoon prints, and books that make great gifts.  Hope to see you soon!

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