One Atmosphere, Many Skies

There's something called the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum mechanics.  It was developed by a scientist named Everett and contested for many decades. The premise is that the Universe just is, then new universes are created within it. It goes on that all the possible universes of thought exist until we clamp down on one, then all the others give way to it in our experience, though the interpretation insists all others continue to follow the courses not selected. So they coexist even as we only THINK we know one.   

Before you ask, why does an artist care about things like this, it's because the same is true of art.  In every painting or drawing which is held within a canvas or piece of paper, there are countless possibilities playing out.  Sometimes I am consumed with color, other times texture, then there's always the subject matter.  I often remind students to not get stuck in one place on the canvas, to work the entire composition, keeping it alive on all levels because it's difficult to see how one part is doing if it is ahead of or behind another. Those who work with an idea of what it SHOULD look like at all times are not as happy with their work as those who allow their art to evolve. 

Artists love the many worlds interpretation, even if they've never heard of it.  It's what we do.  It's why I don't like making permanent decisions.  I like to juggle my worlds and this interpretation also goes to everyday life.  

Each of us is a Universe and within us, are many worlds created by our thoughts - those we release and those we hang onto. 

Right now I am testing a world I had not previously known.  It is filled with new experiences and there's a few things I must do carefully.  First and foremost, take care to not allow new worlds to be diminished by comparing them to previous worlds (read: limitations).  That's right, worlds are made up of accepted limitations. I don't care for them much either.

So, I'm going to come back to this topic, because I have to get back to my journey.  In the meantime, if you're not an artist, consider the atmosphere is like a Universe or canvas and the many skies we see in it as many worlds formed by our viewpoint.  Is it night where you are, or day? Sunny or gray?  

This post has two pictures taken from the same viewing point but different perspectives. Both beautiful, but each telling a different story. You get the idea, have a great day!

Heading in a Southerly direction,

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