Playing The Fool

Due to circumstances beyond her control, and rightly noting that the quality of any circumstance is determined only by her perceptions, she chose not to cast the discerning eye that divides and eliminates possibilities - a futile habit usually aimed at forming a safety net - and proceeded instead with complete abandon while all possible outcomes danced along with her urging her to leap and see the need for the net disappear!

Sometimes it's tough to make a decision, other times it's hard not to jump to a conclusion.  When we don't know what to do we can force the issue (not advisable), let go of it and everything associated with it (which can be really scary) or try something in between (which can leave us hanging).  

New Year's is a time when many of us make decisions, aka resolutions, to create something new, different, better in our lives.  The key to establishing these is to not mistakenly set them up as expectations which once breached lose meaning except to remind us of a failure. Though I have lived only a few more than 50 New Years, it feels as if I've made that mistake a million times. Those resolutions have help me learn that its better to choose a workable resolution, one that remains malleable, rather than establish limits.  

Resolutions can be deal breakers or deal makers. For example, choosing to "lose weight" sounds good unless it becomes a disappointing reminder that we cheated, gained five pounds, or never tried, that's a deal breaker.  A deal maker would be choosing to be "more healthy" as it has more possibilities of success, lacks an endpoint that marks failure, and encourages us to be creative with it throughout the year. Choosing a deal maker like being more healthy, we certainly can diet, and we can also take walks, read a good book, not allow ourselves to get angry as much, make sure we spend time with friends, and check-in without judgement to see how we are doing.  All of that is healthy.  

This year take a leap and move beyond tried and predictable resolutions to instead make one with lots of opportunities to be creative and generate a diversity of positive outcomes. It's a big leap because the possibilities remain open and we take responsibility for holding the space for more options to come through rather than be eliminated.  That is the basis of any deal maker resolution.

As for me, I am choosing to be more adventurous.  Exactly what that means for me will become apparent in myriad ways as the year unfolds. Until it does, what I will choose is all up in the air.  

Nothing changes,
'cept us!

Day and night opportunities to leap into your creative nature and/or get into your numerology or an intuitive rendering to add a little spice to your new year.  Use the form in the sidebar to send me a message.

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