What's Your Gravity?

I recently checked "repeat " in the itunes app on my phone for a song from the musical Wicked. It is about the witch of the west breaking free of the limits that were placed upon her. As happens with just about everything I do, interesting symbols came through - some of them new - and I just needed to keep repeating the message I heard.

Maybe it's always been this way, but this time when I heard the song, the Wizard and the "gravity" about which Elphaba sings, were of the nature of what the Toltec call the parasite, which is the negative ego. In the musical, Glinda, the good witch, is an expert in doing what is necessary to secure a place of popularity in the world. She is like the ego which is supposed to be supportive, but eventually becomes protective and too often suppressive of us (parasitic) as we move through life.

When I listen to the lyrics from this point of view, I feel the determination and intent of the character rise up. The force she is defying is not without, it is within. It is an operating system that does not deliver as promised. She sees this and it is too late for her to double back and feign ignorance. She must defy it in order to live by her instincts, close her eyes and leap. To do that is to live by the Universal Operating System, rather than the fear of loss, lack and limitation.

Take four minutes to see and listen to this video and enjoy Defying Gravity. If you did, play it again and listen deeply. Breathe it in.  For as manifold as are the messages to the contrary, listening once is just a start.  If you don't see the video in this post, watch it on youtube.

Everyone deserves a chance to fly, think about what tethers you and how you can let it go, because you may not be tied down, you just might be hanging on. Imagine life if you let go and trusted your instincts! When we defy the gravity of our fears we are unlimited! I recently got a taste of that and I want more, more... oh - that's another musical, also very symbolic, but I'll let that go for now.

"The Gravity of the Situation" will be part of the topic at the next UoS Wisdom Group!  Consider taking the leap and bringing your wisdom to light!


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