Life is a Flawless Work of Art

Unconditional Being
Just for today remember that whatever is happening, 
no matter how beautiful or terrible feeling, 
Nothing is perfect and there are no flaws 
only opportunities to breathe and take pause.
For there is nothing to fix, because nothing is broken.  
We are ever whole and healing, and we are always open. 
Though some things are more desirable than others, 
nothing is ever wrong. 
Only different, unexpected, seemingly unbearably long.  
Nothing is ever right, just according to plan, 
what you've been waiting for in sight.  
The important thing is "No-thing", 
The unconditional base of delicious goo 
out of which every thing grows, 
and into which ultimately every thing goes.  
There is no loss, there is no gain, 
only a chance to remember our wholeness not then
but in this moment, now, just a little longer and yet 
always another chance should we happen to forget
each one of us is a gift, a challenge, a dream,
a perfect manifestation of the Unconditional being.


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