In Sync with Shifting Seasons

While the calendar sets a date on the arrival of "Spring" on March 20, those in the Flow, simple know a time of new growth is upon us.  We are leaving what indigenous people refer to as the time of Rest and Cleansing Moon, ( obviously so named before there were cars and streets to dig out of the snow. ;)


On March 21, we are moving into what is known as the Budding Trees Moon.  The small buds some of us have already ogled will move into full bloom during this time as gray clouds that have blanketed us will part to let through the light while the earth opens to let through more sprouts.  Water as rain will soak into the ground and help feed the new growth, and the wind will circulate seed and pollens to further the process. 

It is a time for opening and as is usual with my art and writing (and ancient systems of knowing), these four elements are all symbols for the opportunities we have to open ourselves in the Universal Flow of life.  Each of us possesses and demonstrates qualities of all four elements at various times.  Sometimes we are the earth, solid yet opening to support growth, other times we are radiating light, warming, encouraging growth.  We each also can bring the qualities of water softening the earth like rain, bringing nourishment and deeply drenching life to the roots, and like air we circulating life and connecting it from place to place throughout our world. 

Like birds building nests, flowers breaking forth, and fawns stumbling into life for the first time, Spring represents an opportunity to be open, adventurous, courageous, enthusiastic, imaginative, and expressive. This is not a season for micro-managing our lives to make sure we don't miss this opportunity. 

The turning of the seasons is a macrocosm of what can happen for any of us in a single day, or even a moment. Recognizing the transition between the seasons and the elements as they symbolize our gifts and challenges can be helpful in releasing, receiving, and more.  Just as the magnolia will surely carry the blossoms appropriate to its type, we don't need to worry, we will be, have, and express what works in the moment when we are in sync with the Universe.

A Natural Process is the topic for the Universal OS Wisdom Group.  More here.


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