The Four Agreements of Seeing Rainbows

When the sun comes out after a storm I always look around the sky hoping I am in right relation to the rain and light to see a rainbow.   I take pictures and post them on facebook.  Last time I saw a rainbow here in Ohio, friends also posted rainbows in Texas and Florida.  I thought, That was a really big rainbow!
One of the Four Agreements is Always do your best followed quickly by the acknowledgement that your best will be different from time to time.  We are encouraged to do our best at following the other three agreements: Don't take anything personally, Don't make assumptions and Be impeccable with your word. These are the lens through which we can see rainbows after and even because of a slew of stormy circumstances. If we want to see the light in the full spectrum of all its brilliant colors its as simple as remembering that the storms come from how well we practice these principles.

This past year has been filled with storms which seemed to never make room for rainbows as I reacted to circumstances by taking things personally, making assumptions, and letting my thoughts and words run with that. I thought I knew what the rainbow should look like and exactly where it should appear, forgetting that expectations are goals that don't leave room for something different, even better.

When things change, expectations are a sure set-up for disappointment.  A little disappointment can go a long way.  When rainbows don't stretch across the sky of our perception, we need to make sure we're in the right place to see them. Otherwise we might stop looking for them and that would be very sad.

 Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time. 
 -  Maya Angelou

When it feels too difficult to trust love one more time, we are mistaking courage as the ability to face adversity beyond the scope of our own control and love as something we don't possess. We will see only the storm and disappointed expectations.  True courage is the willingness to trust ourselves, and share our gifts to the best of our ability, the most important of which is being love. When we do our best this way, we become the rainbows we are seeking.

(well, pretty much)

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