The Importance of Life's (not always) Little Hiccups

If you set a goal, there's a chance you might attain it. If you have a dream, it's possible it might be fulfilled. With each accomplishment there comes the additional responsibility of maintaining the ground you have gained so you don't lose it. Really!? Hmph!

The painting in this month's Enlightenmeant cartoon is mixed media consisting of déjà vu, karma, and hiccups. My unqualified definition of déjà vu is what we think we already know, karma is the actions we have taken and will make, and hiccups are.... necessary

If we only work with what we think we know and are used to doing, the best part of life can seem like it's finished too soon. We might not think about it as much. It might seem like a well-known painting hanging in a museum that needs to be carefully maintained. Unless it becomes necessary, changing it could alter its value, seem disrespectful, or risky.

But Life truly well-lived, like the real practice of art, hangs not on the wall but in the moment of creation, and each moment appreciated, is a masterpiece. That's where hiccups come in and why they're so important.

As media on the canvas of Life, hiccups contrast with the status quo created via what we think we know and do. Hiccups remind us Life is for living by creating a situation in which attempts to take it in are sharply blocked.

All manner of crazy things are tried to stop hiccups: hold the breath and swallow until our ears pop, drink water upside down, and last but not least, face unknown fears. All these "solutions" represent doing things differently that expected. At first we might see Life's (not so) little hiccups as something that needs to be "fixed".

When we appreciate Life as something that's okay get messy while creating it, and see what doesn't seem to be working as an opportunity to explore, experience and love change into expression, the hiccups soften and we become more masterful at shaping the canvas of our lives.
Remembering this from moment to moment is one of my greatest challenges (but that's also a masterpiece) and why I am so grateful I have the practice of art to re-mind me. If you would like to get messy in the studio, try some cool new ways of doing things, or explore my art for your home or office, just let me know!

Nothing changes,
'cept us!

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Renee Beese said...

Amen sis-ta! I In Joy Spirit moving through you :) Thank you for sharing, Renee Beese