When Dreams Change, Dream On

When we spend a lot of time on creating something special it can be hard to let it go, but so we must if we are to experience the full potential of whatever it is that we created.  Sometimes it is not obvious that we are doing this.  Oftentimes things change when we least expect it.

Just as the process to bring forth new life is called "labor" and is often filled with painful contractions, other things in life can feel as if they're being broken or destroyed in order to be more fully realized.

 If we are attached to the beauty and care that made things the way they are, we may feel the destruction thereof is unfair, an undoing of the work invested to this point.  But just as a mold is broken upon delivering the gold that is cast in it, so too must we release our attachments as a new life arises from everything we have done thus far. 

The changes in the way our dreams are from one day to the next can bring sadness or surprise...it's totally up to us and how we choose to see it.  That's the story behind this Enlightenmeant Cartoon.  The bird could see her eggs broken and destroyed but instead she sees new life coming into her experience.  No longer needing to sit still, she will soon be very busy gathering food for her little brood. 

Dreams are not static things we must maintain indefinitely, they are the Love of Life constantly growing and changing to, in turn, grow and change us.  When your dreams change, dream on.  

Dream Big!

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