Living Life Dangerously

When things change a strange thing happens, we have a tendency to rise to the occasion and grow more than we would have if we had maintained stasis.  In business that's called a challenging assignment, in life it can be called shit happens but it can also be a conscious decision.

When circumstances make challenging things happen it's not unusual to attempt to prevent such circumstances from happening again.  The problem is, that can be boring as hell. To me life is best when unpredictable, probably because it calls out my creativity and gets me dreaming.  The thing is, I want to be in that creative space, but I no longer want it to be caused by adversity.  Simultaneously, its apparent to me that being safe sucks even and especially because it seems like the right thing to do.

I have spent the last 30 months working hard to get secure just to be overwhelmed by the desire to get risky.  It doesn't matter what...I could quit my job and take off, cut or color my hair, the bottom-line is that I need change. It's not the kind of change that happens to me, but through and as me.

Life is change and that's risky.  Gandhi admonished us to be the change we wish to see in the world. And while I'm pretty sure he meant, be the peace, be the love, be the hope...I want to be the crazy dreamer, silly fool, wild woman whom I almost forgot.

What is crazy and wild these days looks much different than in my past.  It's not necessarily to throw caution to the wind, but to whole-heartedly enjoy living life to the fullest, and that is dangerous only when we're worried about the consequences.  I've lived long enough to know these too will change. If that resonates for you, Dream On!