Puppy Love 101

Recently I was speaking with Daniel and he said, "My dogs love me." And I said, "No they don't." Daniel was shocked. He was sure I would think dogs could love. I explained, "No, Dogs don't believe the way humans do and for that they couldn't be luckier. Now Daniel was intrigued. I don't usually sound so negative. Years ago I had a similar conversation with my teacher when we were driving around the hills of Boulder, Colorado. Only I had suggested then that I believed dogs had free will. She didn't think so. Now I see that dogs don't need free will, nor, as Daniel pointed out later, do cats or any other animal, or plants, or mountains, or water or sky. And they don't need it because they don't recognize choice, they don't recognize duality, they don't recognize love, because they only experience themselves as love, in whatever form they are.

Only humans recognize love because we think (re-cognize, or re-interpret) it. We think we feel love, or may not feel love, or don't have enough love, or don't need love. And we need our free will to direct our energy away from these stories to living in line with the unconditional love that we are and which experiences itself through all living things. Dogs don't feel love, they are love experiencing itself not only as a dog but also as the dog experiencing its human experiencing it. Of course it's that last part that makes our dogs seem like they love us or are other than love when they do something we wish they would not do.

The love we truly experience with our dogs is a love communion or consistency that underlies all that is. That is not thought-love, that is True love. This understanding can simultaneously make us happy and leave us wondering how we can experience being true love like the rest of creation. More on that later...in the meanwhile I would like to thank June for drawing up an unconditionally happy fat wiener dog to illustrate the blog this week. I could never have posted if I had continued to wait for time to draw. Things are very productive in the realm of youth workshops and completeing my book. If you'd like to know a little more about these activities check into http://www.cpicmichel.com/

Next post: How bad things happen through unconditional love.

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