I Can See Clearly Now...

The numerology for the name Barack Hussein Obama shows our president-elect has 2 master numbers presently active in his life as his personal year (22, acheiving goals) and destiny (11, spiritual character). He has two variations of the leadership number (37/1 ) as others see him he is reserved, calm, and has an expansive philosophy, and as his mission in life (64/1) he is extremely individualistic, magnetic, tolerant, intuitive and a good judge of human character (let's hope so). The soul urge for the name is a 27/9 the number of the universal teacher (which he will have to be), keywords: just, wise, inventive and bound to succeed in business enterprises. And he will be the 44th president. Whether you believe in numerology or not, these certainly are qualities we hope for in our leaders. The most important numbers after all is said and done are the numbers of people who will stand behind the new administration as it takes on the job of leading us to a better world.

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Lydia said...

Hey, Pic, that's pretty cool! If it weren't so late I'd write more, so I'm sending a magic number of hugs your way instead.
Much love!