Singin' in the Rain

So, if was true -- really, really true, that the Age of Aquarius was upon us and old ways were giving way to something much better, so much better that it beat the heck out of any conceptual thought the planetary consciousness had ever entertained before -- what would you do? Could you trust...allow...invite...this in to your life with no expectations? Or would you stick to the old conditional ways based on severity and amount of anticipated loss, lack, and limitation? If you knew something different was being poured down on you, would you grab the nearest container and go out to catch you some, or would you cower at the thought of the unknown? On some level, these are the questions that are being asked and answered. The most important question is how your answers serve you. Gene Kelly once demonstrated the sheer joy and entertainment of singin' in the rain. With or without the benefits of an economic or cosmic stimulus package, the bottom-line remains, when soaked to the skin, and no quick way out, you might as well enjoy yourself. Sing, dance, play and keep your spirits up!

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