Self Enquiry

What difference does it make if we believe we are all One or not?

All That Is has apparency in the Oneness of Consciousness. Nothing can be perceived that is not a part of the whole. It surrounds and permeates your entire Being, facilitates your every thought, emotion, physical sensation, action and reaction. All is of the same substance. Even if you believe it doesn't exist, is remote, a separate something for which you must perform some extraordinary feat to attain, it will, without condition sustain and facilitate your life accordingly.

When you live without this sense of wholeness, you feel like a fish without a pond. Closing your eyes to the completeness already available, you feel the sense of separation. Without seeing that you are doing this, you are limited to associating the source of your anxiety with "others" which you also see as separate. It is the sense of separation that drives you to seek fulfillment on the shores of illusion where you flop around helplessly like a fish out of water. This is why nothing you have ever thought you could do to secure your satisfaction has ever worked completely, because you separate yourself from your goal by believing you don't have it. Until you have awareness for That which is at the core of All, beginning with your Self, everything beyond basic functions, that is readily available to you without thought or effort remains inaccessible, and you continue to search in the other places just like a fish without a sense of direction, beaching itself.

True liberation comes with the enlightenment of acceptance and appreciation of what IS. This is often mistakenly translated as accepting life circumstances and making something good of hardships. Instead, allow yourself to freely experience yourself swimming in the waters of absolute consciousness, one creation, totally sustained by the indivisible life force that permeates all that is. Feel it. Sense the life energy move in, through, and all around you as you breathe in your everyday moments. Make this your highest aspiration and your closest limitation will be nothing "else".

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