Facebook Friends

If you don't know the fun and laughs Facebook quizzes can offer you might want to give them a try. Most quizzes ask a few questions to ascertain one's beliefs about a particular subject and then assign a symbol or series of symbols which are explained as to how they represent the person who took the quiz. My Facebook profile is filled everyday with news from friends who took one quiz or another. I now know the favorite bottled beverages, leading men, most disliked foods, and 25 random things about several dozen Facebook friends. It seems Facebook was just made for seekers.

If self-inquiry isn't the organic alternative to Facebook, maybe Facebook is the digital alternative to self-inquiry. After all, it's filled with the lists, likes and dislikes, and daily thoughts for each person who shows up. Maybe the ancient gurus and masters who coined the phrase never dreamed of Facebook. If they did, they might have thought it would lead to bondage more than liberation and enlightenment. But maybe the kid in the cartoon has a point.

Where Facebook quizes might seem like fun, and self-inquiry might seem like serious business, maybe they're actually very similar. No matter which course of action you take, the more you know the less you believe you are the things you thought you were. You find you're not your thoughts, nor even what thinks, and yet you include these in your friends list. If you don't know the fun and laughs of self-inquiry then maybe you might want to give it a try. It's not as serious as you might think.

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