The Process of Life

Probably one of the most difficult things to truly develop is a love for process. That might be because we too often see the process as something we have to "get through" before we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. Sometimes we are willing to go through the process, but are not too thrilled when the going gets tough or messy. Sometimes a process involves not knowing what will really happen and letting go of control. On the other hand, some processes seem attached to and incorporate difficulties to reflect the belief that good things often require hard work.

In many worthwhile ventures there is muck and magic. They are not mutually exclusive of nor dependent upon the other. They are the same thing, taking diverse forms as it shifts and changes with our perceptions; these are part of the expression of the creative energy that is life. The important thing is to enjoy it, in all its forms, free of attachment, desire, or expectation, To simply demonstrate appreciation and willingness to experience the whole in every moment, is the seed planted to enjoy a worry-free, effortless life.

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