Letting Go of Worry

It's easy to look at something seemingly small or young, and find ourselves believing that we must act to protect it from it's vulnerabilities. But what are we acting on? When we act upon the notion there is need, something we do not have that would make life better or worthwhile, we engage desire. And when we seek to fulfill desire we develop expectations of creating an illusion.

Expectations actually interfere with our true potential. Have you ever known a moment of sadness, anger, remorse, deception, vengefulness, guilt, fear, that was not preceded by some hope, wish, goal or expectation? What would your life be like without the latter? And how could you possibly live your life without the former? Living without desire is not that about giving up anything that is real or important, but dis-covering it by removing attachment to what is not.

In truth, we lack nothing. In truth there is no such thing as loss. In truth there are no limitations. It is only by maintaining erroneous belief that such things prevail, that we manifest the hope we will overcome, avoid, and surpass that. Where would you be without looking forward to the hopes and dreams derived from your experience and knowledge? You would be living with awareness engaged in the present moment, where everything is just as it is, and you are entirely free to be just as you are, unencumbered by the weight of what was or might have been.

Photo courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography at flickr.com

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