When you think about it, it's what you think about it that makes it what it is, at least for you. The expression, One man's trash is another man's treasure, says much more about how something is seen than whether or not the seen might have some use left in it. Whether we see things as unacceptable or preferable, we have added something to the seen, it is our vision of how things should be. It filters and tints the view just like a pair of UV sunglasses. Some people see challenges as beneficial while some others prefer things to be easily managed. Either way can bring about worry and suffering. It is not unusual to see people waiting for challenges before they take some beneficial action. Procrastination is all about creating challenges to negatively motivate change. Those who expect things to flow in logical order will often be disappointed or frustrated when things go awry. When what we do is about nothing more than doing so, a great deal can be accomplished without attachment. It does not become a part of our story, not a medal we wear, not a load to bare. When we think about it, living without attachment of meaning, might seem like a lot of work. But if we let go of that view, along with the rest that make our daily experience so conditional, we find ourselves flowing with the current rather than swimming upstream and life is a lot more effortless.

photo from Trash to Treasure art exhibit courtesy of urbanwoodswalker at flickr.com

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