Ending Times of Worry

A Mayan elder spoke here this week. The crowd that gathered were eager to hear his news about the year 2012. He was direct and to the point when he said, "That's not Mayan." He went on to explain that it was the teaching of others who were not Mayan. He clarified that these people may have discovered something he did not know about, but it was not a part of the tradition he had been taught since he was a child. He went on to talk about the next cycle of 2000 years. While he did have an interesting answer for why the times seem to be speeding up so much, I later wondered if our fascination with the potential end times is a left over from religious upbringing transferred to a new belief system as motivation for behavior? What would happen if people did not live in fear of the quality of an afterlife or anticipation of a new era dawning? How do we make sure that we are fully doing the only thing that really matters? Simply Be in the present moment.

Teo Butterfly image by Pic Michel

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