The Synthesis of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Sometimes we think we know, we think things never change, sometimes we think we don't know, everything is changing. That could be one thought, or it could be viewed as two or four and even more depending on how the phrases are fractured with punctuation. Maybe that's a little much for a Monday, so I'll be brief and you can follow the links when you're ready to enjoy. Such fractals are the organizing principle underlaying a great deal of perceived chaos, in which case you can see the role of perception as punctuation in the determination of what we think we experience.

Pictured here, the Sri Yantra, a design which is thousands of years old and traditionally represents not only abundance on all levels, but also the beauty of the three worlds, as well as the wisdom of non-duality. It is pictured with the most popular image used to represent the Mandelbrot theory of Fractal Geometry which basically connotes the same meaning as the Sri Yantra. Which came first doesn't matter, in truth the idea that they both support the notion of an underlying unified principle through which everything else seems to emerge yet remains the same, doesn't really matter either. Yet on a Monday and at other times when life might seem chaotic or broken, we might take a deeper look at where our thoughts lead and see that there is abundant beauty in its fractured state.

zoom in on this cool 4 minute youtube
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fractal image posted by Wolfgangbeyer at Wikipedia
sri yantra posted by SharkD at Wikipedia

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