Who do you think you are?

Why? A wise teacher once recommended I not ask the question why. Why? Because. That's right, because -- a story that explains the perceived cause behind the perceived effect. Perceptions are not reality, they are the filters made up of thoughts. We think we are, we think we see, we think we know, and we think we'll be safer doing so. That brings up another "W" word...wrong. But hang in there for "W" word number three and don't worry, it's a good wrong to realize. Thankfully I'm not who I think I am, things aren't the way I sometimes think they are, and there's no such thing as safe let alone a need for it. Those precious moments when I'm not about the complicated business of thinking I'm living by thinking; I'm being, it's effortless, and that is beautiful. So ask not why, nor think who you are. Enjoy who you be when you don't think.

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