The Mastery of Chaos

Chaos is at the core of every creative endeavor including those that may not seem so creative such as taking a breath. There are few who are willing to take on the mastery of chaos, though everyone is capable, having their roots in chaos. The process of conception, gestation and birth is quite chaotic, cells splitting, transforming, appendages growing, the potential for a good life developing. Few would leave such important work to a still developing child, and yet, that is what chaos is all about.  Chaos is a state of not knowing, nothing being in place, the good and bad of it as yet undefined, a lack of safety and stability.  For the most part, the world isn't set up to deal with chaos, though the world wouldn't exist without it. Life is too often concerned with avoiding chaos, and how good one's life is, is often determined by one's ability to put out fires.  Yet, chaos is invited in every time we start something, from the first idea throughout the process.  One can't create stability without sorting through chaos. Throughout the creative process, one's work can look chaotic, ugly, even unrecognizable at times, on the way to completion.  Instead of finding chaos unacceptable, artists learn to appreciate chaos on canvas and in life.  The mastery of chaos makes room in our lives for more than we know, a new place beyond good and bad.  From personal to professional life, learning to balance and benefit from chaos creates the ultimate peace of mind.  Practice makes mastery.  Get the gifts of chaos at the Heart Studio.

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