A Shift in Consciousness


Just when I thought  (that's always the first sign of trouble).  Just when I thought I was getting used to this ever-so-often and strangely changing world, it changed in a way I wasn't expecting it to change. Google sent me a message about how I had missed my chance to renew the domain name for this blog.  When I clicked the link to make the transaction I found out I couldn't do it until I sent pictures of my driver's license and paperwork including a copy of this year's tax return (really?)!  Happily I saw the expectations and mounting frustration before they fully crossed the threshold of my mind.  When they knocked, I chose to let them go before they pulled up a chair and stayed too long.  That wasn't so hard because that meant I wouldn't have to pay godaddy a whopping fee to rescue my old domain name, AND I could have fun securing a new name!  I love shopping domain names!  
EnlightenmeantCartoons.com will soon be the new name for my blog.  I like drawing these cartoons which are so very different from my fine art.  Actually, what's in my cartoons is in my fine art, it just looks different.  Out of respect to the humongous disasters that make my little life challenges look like a day at the mall, I defer to Google and introduce my new blogspot aptly named Enlightenmeant Cartoons & Miscellaneous Musings.  I suppose this would be one of those miscellaneous musings.  
New Work! Not so miscellaneous, are the other changes that I have begun settling into.  I've been really busy teaching for more than a year and have been making a lot of choices about how I wish to spend my creative energy. My fine art has been given priority even as I have to wiggle it into my schedule.  Right now I'm eating, sleeping and dreaming new works. Paperworks, are sculpted paper canvases which you can see at cpicmichel.com.  The work in progress is titled Tsunami and I should be finishing it up in the next couple weeks.  It measures 7 feet by 30 inches by roughly 6 inches deep here and there.  It has been a consuming bit of work and I know this is the direction I will be travelling for awhile.  It feels so good, takes so long, and pleases me so much.  
There's a whole lotta' changes going on in the world these days.  Better to work with them than against them.

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love you!