The Conversation of Art

  When I'm teaching I often ask students to "listen" to their paintings.  That may seem a little difficult with visual art, but not when I distinguish between "hearing" and "listening".  One is done with the mind.  The other is done with the heart.  When we listen to our work, we are in a conversation and can respond which is the formula for bringing art into expression.  When we only practice the visual equivalent of "hearing" we tend to react as if we just heard a sudden or loud sound and we try to "fix" appearances rather than maintain an open dialog with our work.
  About six weeks ago I started a new painting.  I call it a painting, but it involves creating the "canvas" by casting paper over a sculpted form (which takes a long time) before I ever start using paint. While I was casting this piece, somewhere along the top right side, I listened to the word Tsunami rise up inside me.  That became the working title of the piece and for many sessions I enjoyed a long conversation with this form, where to add wire and build upon it, how and what colors would capture and convey the spirit and the energy of this powerful, explosive force.
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  When I began the groundwork for this piece I had no idea where it would go, I most enjoy the chaos of creation as the work fluxes and flows from start to finish.  Conversation is the one thing which in times of chaos whether they be creative or crisis, help us stay grounded to bring the work to the best possible outcome.
  Listening and responding is the difference that makes for fuller, richer even inspirational experience even through the most difficult circumstances in art and in life.  Tsunami is almost finished.  I am not represented by any galleries right now.  I'm working on making Tsunami available through a site where part of the proceeds will benefit people through micro-loans or disaster relief.  So share a link to this page or my website with anyone who has space that's big enough to hold this artwork either in their heart, home, or office. I'd really like this painting to make a difference.  I will update where to see the finished piece again when Tsunami is complete.  In the meantime, enjoy the conversation of art. Peacefully, Pic;)

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