What's the Leap?!

  In the Toltec tradition, of which I am very fond, there are two lineages which may be followed.  One is the Jaguar and the other is the Eagle.  Among other things, the names describe the method of stalking that is unique to the animal representing that lineage.  Jaguars stalk with their feet on the ground, or close to it and their prey.  Eagles take to the skies and survey the land, looking for even the most minute movement, swooping in on it from up high.  In Toltec Tradition, the "prey" is what is untrue or illusion.  Stalking includes all erroneous conclusions and strategies to overcome them (aka agreements or beliefs).  At one level of personal development, "stalking" is about getting to know how we tick and later understanding that we are not or actually are much more than what ticks (like a little bomb in the back of our minds all the time).  
  Toltec wisdom as well as many other systems such as Advaita Vedanta suggest that humans are unaware of illusion and need to awaken to it's existence in order to transcend the suffering included therein. Many times on the path to awakening those who take up various practices come to believe they have awakened only to find themselves still suffering the same old habits and outcomes.  That is often the impetus to go seeking a new way to gain awareness and stop the cycle. As long as this is one's motivation, the same results will persist because there really is no cycle to stop.  
  When I drew this cartoon for the Whole Living Journal, I knew my character had nowhere to go, that whatever she thinks might be out there that might make a difference would be of little help.  The leap toward living her best life would be to stand where she is, and learn how to be comfortable not knowing (Don't take anything personally*), giving up expectations of how things should be (Don't make assumptions*), accepting and appreciating everything, even the most uncomfortable feelings as perfect manifestations of what they are (Be impeccable with your word*).  This is the Big  Leap that takes one from constantly stalking to learning how to enjoy the ride (Always do your best*).

Register for more information about What's the Leap?! a four-step workshop and discussion on living free of limiting conditions, Sunday, July 10 from 5-7pm, in Cincinnati.  For more information send your name and contact information.  

Peacefully, Pic;)

(*The Four Agreements from the book by don Miguel Ruiz)

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