Potential Set-Up

"Fit of enlightenment" a description which may not seem consistent with the picture of being peaceful and wise.  "Appreciate" to gain understanding, exhibit gratitude, or grow an investment.  "Sheer perfection" a determination that a thing is perfect just as it is.  "Whole mess" one letter and a little space different from "wholeness".  

The expectation that a glass of milk should not be spilled is a potential set-up for disappointment, frustration and perhaps a sense of futility. There are many glasses of milk with the potential to be spilled in the average day how we choose to see that determines the quality of our experience. The turnkey phrase that most affects how our potential unfolds in any situation is "appreciate".  With every perception we are setting up our potential to manifest as our next experience.  

When we attach to expectations we give up our ability to choose our perceptions and multiply a sense of powerlessness and disappointment. When we honor the process of perceiving with the conscious awareness of the energy we are investing we multiply objective choice. Rather than react with the problem-solving consciousness of glass half empty (or glass broken and spilled all over the floor ;) we can choose to lighten up, recognize the sheer perfection of a good mess when we see one, pick-up and move on.  It's that simple. Appreciation is a potential set-up for a happy day.  

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