Working Overtime

Well, Mother Nature didn't give it much of a rest last winter and the rest of us have also been working like crazy.  A couple years ago a visiting Mayan Elder explained that time seems to be going so much faster, even though the days are still 24 hours long, because the whole solar system is presently zipping around the galactic center at a faster pace.  I asked how long this would go on.  He estimated a couple thousand years. I guess I'll just have to trust that.

10 classes/week for the past 4 months has kept me zipping right along making masks and completing an abstract art exhibit with teenage girls in residential treatment, now showing in University Heights.  I'm currently completing a mural with teens in the Upper School at The Children's Home of Cincinnati while starting a fresh stream of surrealist drawings of what goes on inside the minds of teenage boys in residential recovery after a winter of working in watercolors.  Shifting gears to get with 8-10 year-olds, this week we explored the positive consequences of sharing by borrowing from primary colors to create secondary colors in watercolor.  In addition to adult classes and a wire sculpture commission of a couple dancing (to be given as a wedding gift from his mom); I've also (somehow) been working on Not As Seen On TV for a show in Columbus that will feature solely 3-D wire and paper sculptures.  So, (big breath) I just wanted to take a moment to catch up a little and send out Happy Spring wishes that all is well in your world and hope you're finding ways to challenge yourself creatively.  If I can help, let me know!  Summer is on the way and I look forward to exploring new/unusual creative endeavors.

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