Change Happens

Just when I thought things were going to slow down, they pick up more steam.  It seems to be like that for everyone these days.  Trying to control it is crazy.  We simply don't move as fast as our fast paced world.  Just ignoring it, as mother used to say, doesn't quite cut it either, when being consciously engaged in life is something I would like to keep on the front burner.  So what then?  The sage advice, Just let go...and enjoy the ride, seems to capture both sides and wrap them into a fun time.  So here's what's up as a result:
  • Enlightenmeant has a new look (it's about time I added a little color to the banner).  And there are new tabs at the top which cover the full offerings of my other creative interests as well.  Lucid Change is my favorite new addition. With short lively updates Lucid Change supports transformation through awareness and intent. Check it out and sign up to get email updates.
  • You might enjoy my Process updates about my art and projects.  I will definitely be processing the art and philosophy behind my solo exhibit in Columbus this coming August, Not As Seen on Television, all 3-D wire and paper works.
  • On Friday, June 1, 6pm-12am, is the opening reception of  SOS Art 2012, a community art show and event of creative expressions for Peace and Justice. This is a potluck reception with artist talks.  Two of my wire sculptures, Hoodie and Somalia, will be in the show which includes hundreds of artists of all ages and backgrounds.  Running through June 10th, the exhibit is hosted by The Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1212 Jackson Street, OTR.
  • On Saturday, June 2, 6-9pm, I will be drawing Intuitive Renderings at the Center for Spiritual Living's Prosperity Potpourri fundraiser, 5701 Murray Avenue 45227.
  • Also in June, New weeknight art practices will explore getting comfortable with not knowing so we can discover, explore and make some really cool drawings paintings and more.  I am also starting an artist support group for those who would like to live their art more.  If you feel drawn to either of these two opportunities, just email or call 513-549-4607.
I hope to see you around!

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