Now Working: Running Leap

Right now I feel a little bit like this sculpture. While he's far from finished I think he will be in my August exhibit in Columbus, at Galleria Evangelia August 18-September 15, artist reception August 25.

The show is titled Not as Seen on Television which points to the sculptural and/or kinetic nature of the work all of which is made of wire and paper.

I love the 3-D aspect of art. Even when working the 2-D canvas surface, there is something in the stepping up to and moving away from the canvas that lets the artist and patron embody the work. This 3-D work has been like drawing in mid-air, snagging the moment, the headlines, bringing up memories.  Sometimes I varnish  the wire with paper, other times I just let the wire ramble on.  The bas relief sculptures start out as paper cast over sand and sometimes get wire added.  The juxtaposition of heavy paper and light wire brings a lot of texture to the collection of work in the show.

Four weeks to go and I'm still starting pieces even as I finish others. There is little more inspiring than the last days before sharing a year's worth of work, except maybe seeing others share in it which has been my pleasure while I have made pieces titled Hoodie, Somalia, Gardenia, Music Man and The Fool, and more. Tsunami, which started this collection at 84"x36"'x10" will also be there.

Some of these can be seen in my online gallery.  I know you can't see the sculpture on the flat screen the way you can in person, that's why I'm looking forward to August.  Help me let others know about the show by using the social media links. Thanks, you're fabulous!

photo: Running Leap approx. 24"x20"x6" irregular.  Galvanized wire (so far) copyright C. Pic Michel