How to Freely Enjoy Life

It's easy to get caught up in wondering what we can do to fix, prevent, or work through conditions of loss, lack and limitation.  That's the way most of us learned life works. It would be nice if we could just forget about the things that don't work, but we've learned it's best to face them head-on. This is how we get hooked into struggling with our own perceptions.
  When we look carefully we can see that it's only when we dedicate the imagination to re-creating the past, or predicting the future that we seem to be subject to the terms and conditions of those imaginings. There's a difference between being responsible and being in reaction.  The latter is all about perceiving things outside ourselves that seem to have power over us.  In contrast, responsibility is knowing it is the way we see things that determines the quality of our experiences.  At any time we can bask in the light of utterly failing to set limiting conditions and simply BE present in the limitless moment. Try it, it feels great and it's Absolutely Free!