Dreaming Without Expectation

So, the Spring has been different this year. Not having August heat by May, has allowed the dandelions, which overtook the bare spots from drought conditions last year, to be rather prolific all over the side yard. I came home to a sea of fluffy seed heads last evening and noticed that my neighbors' yards seemed to be dandelion free.  Not wishing to spread an unwelcome visitor around the neighborhood due to my lack of trying, I proceeded to prepare a batch of weed killer and started plucking the fluffy heads to prevent further implantation.

I have to backtrack a moment and admit that I also plucked the night before only to come home and find the problem had grown back in the span of 24 hours. As I plucked last night, the light which was better than the previous evening, allowed me to see the buds preparing to open today, so I plucked them too.

The first night, the catch was big enough that I dropped it on my kitchen scale to see what it weighed. More than half a pound. Last night I did the same. Four and a half pounds.

Now, if you're wondering about the sanity of plucking five pounds of dandelions, so was I. But I found several things about the activity to be mildly inspirational.

Plucking dandelions, I mused, was a lot like getting rid of useless attachments. If we are not thorough and overlook things that do not seem to be an immediate issue, they soon become more than one. Hundreds of new, unwanted beliefs left to grow will follow on the seeds of the first.

While I was pondering and plucking, a neighbor's child came to help, but she saw only beauty in the dandelions she plucked, and like the child I once was, she blew those seeds into the air smiling as they floated down into the lawn. I then mused at my restraint in not asking her to stop thus preventing the creation of some sort of childhood scar for the little four-year-old.

Perspective can make one child's dreams an adult's worst nightmare, and vice versa. Over time the dreams of children too often become expectations. Dreams are wishes, some come true, some don't. Expectations are sources of disappointment when not realized.

Rather than expect to conquer the weeds and be disappointed, I choose to dream of a clean lawn knowing it may not come true. But I will then have fluffy flower heads on which I can float my dreams if I wish.

Dream a little dream, it beats a lot of disappointment!


Download the Make a Wish Dandelion for lockscreen.

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