With Our Thoughts We Create Our World

The practice of art is about the mastery of our ability to create, and it applies to much more than the drawing, written word, or stage. From the best to the worst, the quality of all our moments in life is dependent upon our perceptions as they are filtered through our expectations and attachments.

Any artist knows every great work of art is a process of perceiving.
The talent is to perceive what's really going on rather than what we thought was happening. Despite the idea that we are somehow better and more proficient as our viewpoints become more concrete, it is actually better that we master the sleight of mind called flexibility.

If the picture you see is not satisfying, change the way you see it, before you undertake making changes to it. If life appears to be a problem, the best we can ever do is fix it.

When, as we notice where our thoughts have brought us, we continue to consciously engage and imagine the art of life to be not finished but constantly fulfilling, we are truly creating a masterpiece.

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