Beautiful Vistas

A recent issue of the Whole Living Journal focused on the topic of the Divine Feminine. I couldn't think of anything better to include in my cartoon than a beautiful view of the Earth.
  With her sunrises and sunsets and all the events in between, soft delicate winds, the running creek, new leaves, the rabbit preparing my labyrinth to be the home for her new babies, but also storms and earthquakes, and the darkest nights.  These are things the divine feminine knows, takes on, sheds, tolerates, moment by precious moment. And what day better than the Spring Equinox, where time is perfectly balanced for a moment, to post about and ponder that creative power which simultaneously builds up and tears down.  She is a formidable force, which we all embody and which when embraced, informs and imbues us to likewise create our own beautiful vistas.
Happy Equinox! ;)

Enlightenmeant Cartoons Copyright Pic Michel 2013CC BY-NC-ND 3.0