Embracing Uncertainty

I like the gooey textures in this image.  They are like a mix between melted chocolate and a black hole, strewn with copper and gold icing.  It's part of some experiments I've been running with textures.  This one came from crumpled giftwrap worked through a liquify tool on Photoshop Elements.  It seems what went into it, and how it turned out, exemplify the reasons why embracing uncertainty is so important in fully living this life/being creative. 

Embracing uncertainty as an integral part of the creative process, keeps us from doing the opposite - wasting our time bracing against it. Not knowing can be a troubling thing due to a conditioned need to be responsible and safe. But when not knowing becomes the motivation for discovery it can be a beautiful thing. 

The truth is that all circumstances are in a slippery state of flux most of the time. Nothing is definite for very long except that it will change.  The only time things are not changing constantly is in the present moment.  

When we are present we are fully engaged in the moment, free of attachments of loss, lack, and limitation.  Being lucid in the moment, is essential to embracing uncertainty.  As it is no longer viewed in comparison, it reveals the pure unconditional nature of all that is.

Embrace uncertainty and enjoy the gifts of discovery! Right click on the image to save a copy for screensaver or hold it on your smartphone screen and save it to your camera roll for use on your lockscreen. Enjoy!