If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.

Albert Einstein

One of the most limiting things in life is what we know. Well, okay, not what we know, but our attachment to it.  For many, knowledge is the map by which life is navigated, but often it leads to dead ends because life is constantly under construction, and those orange barrels never get put away.

When one releases chasing after or being in constant contest with change, they are free of the tendency to either want answers or to ignore the problem. The latter is aversion (problem based knowledge) and the former is desire (solution based knowledge), both are a form of attachment (expectations) which is limiting.

Getting comfortable not knowing is a form of passive nonresistance that releases the problem-solving approach of the inner critic to realized the full potential of the inner creative, restoring our innate talent to be curious about and fully capable of mastering this ever-changing thing called life.  Be creative!