Then and Now

Painting is about being in the moment.  This is the main thing coming between most people and consciously enjoying creative being.  If we set out to complete a picture of a still life or some goal in life, we may miss the best part which is the actual creating.  When the inner creative is stuck on being an inner critic, this process can be less than satisfying so we decide we're just not going to try.  The thing is, we are all creating all the time, so if we don't think we're good at creating, we won't be very successful at stopping and we'll continue to be unhappy with the results.

Creative being isn't about results, it's about being in the moment right where things happen, rather than where they get reviewed and edited before they ever have a chance to progress.

I love my painting Dance Dripping Wet, but my favorite part is not how it looks finished, but how I got there, all the little steps, including the first one in which I completely ruined a pristine 42x48 inch canvas and had little choice but to move forward and see what it might become.

Leaving the "then"s for being in the "now" is the joy of working art and life.

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