Cultivating Creative Awareness

Not long ago I spoke with Tara Robinson,on the WAIF radio program Waves of the New Age.  We talked about creative energy and various ways to reclaim its applications when opportunities for conscious use come into play.  Of course we can consciously apply our creative energy whenever we choose, however sometimes conditions are such that what appears in our lives couldn't be farther from what we would like.  That's because some of our attempts to create are to "try not to" do or experience something.  This approach to creative practice inadvertently maintains the polar opposite of what we desire in order to identify our choice as what we are trying to avoid.

We dream our lives and while we can have some pretty cool dreams without even trying, when we set our sites on being lucid in our dream of life, we can appreciate the entirety of our adventures.  To that end, I recently wrote an article on reclaiming your creative power for the Whole Living Journal (Nov/Dec issue online soon) and I am creating some unique classes for "drawing" and "painting" which are about so much more than how to pick up a pencil or brush.

Together we will explore basic drawing and painting skills and explore Surrealism and Expressionism as well as representational art.  We will practice being lucid to the application of our creative energy in an environment where it is safe to practice the same skills that apply to creating our everyday lives.  We will look at how we see and how to see in a way that is truth rather than fear driven.  It's the difference between art that isn't good enough and a masterpiece of life!

If you think you're not creative, doubt that you can draw or paint, and even if you can, these classes will be a fun way to change up and charge up your imagination to better accomplish all your creative practices.  

Here are 2 links to posts I've made at learn about the Unconditional Happiness that artists know and everyone can experience no matter where we are in our creative process, and why Doing Nothing is a good thing.  Both include practices for walking through life and seeing new possibilities.

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