Beyond Being Prepared

If you look back in time you can see plenty of occasions when there were droughts, storms, flooding, fires, pestilence and earthquakes, but seldom have they all occurred at the same time almost everywhere on the planet. 

I caught myself not wanting to go to an event after the rain last weekend because I didn't have any DEET on-hand and the West Nile cases are growing around here.  I also thought it would have been a little weird to contract the virus while floating luminaria on the lake at Spring Grove cemetery.  Some people say the environment is not changing, glaciers have always been melting and the weather will bounce back. 

In the meantime, I have contemplated planting cactus in my midwest garden to get along with the drier/rising temps. Rather than just trying to be prepared like the gal in my cartoon, I need to look at some other ways I can be more proactive (in addition to recycling and composting, of course).  

Here are some organizations and movements that are spending their time and money on fixing the problem rather than irritating political advertising:

Conscious Capitalism "accelerating the integration of consciousness and capitalism"

National Resources Defense Council "the Earth's best defense"

Corporate Accountability International "We protect human rights, public health and the environment from corporate greed and abuse around the world."