Less is More

I liked rendering this month's Enlightenmeant cartoon in pencil instead of pixels.  I usually draw the original cartoon then snap a photo, email it to myself and digitally embellish it with shading as I pop it into it's box to send off to the publisher.  This month however I needed to take my time and feel the graphite as it scraped the surface of the paper.  As a rule, my drawings and paintings are meant to change meaning with the viewer, but for me this one is so metaphorical I thought I'd share what I had in mind when I drew it up. 

The traffic-filled nature of this scene is indicative of just how packed in things can get when we start thinking too much.  It's easy to get stuck in the traffic of our thoughts.  Thankfully, my little Yogi dude showed up and reminded me to let go and free myself of the sheer weight of thought upon thought upon thought.  Less thought makes space for a little peace, a sly smile, a bit of wisdom to come on through.
Next time you're driving through your thoughts like its the five o'clock rush hour, turn down the noise and take a deep breath and repeat the mantra: less is more, less is more.  Peacefully yours, Pic;)