Myriad Viewpoints

Every once in awhile you see something in a different way. One thing the different seeing acknowledges is that you had another way to see before you saw it this way. It couldn't be different otherwise. In reality there are myriad ways of seeing the same thing, and this is just the way of the moment.

This ability to shift the way we see things can be a lot of fun as long as we remain detached from it. When we attach to our viewpoints we are stuck with that perspective responsible for maintaining, defending, and applying it to all relevant applications. Then it is work.I prefer fun!

In the two images of doorways pictured above, one is closed and one is open and cannot be closed. The closed doors might seem to be more real, just like having a set viewpoint, while the reflection of the open arches might seem surreal. In reality how we see things is never closed but always open to the possibilities even if that is to keep them closed. So it is that the more surreal image is closer to the truth. 

Set viewpoints close doors. I've recently opened some doors and what's come through looks like its going to be a lot of fun.  I wish the same for you!

It's that simple! 


Image: Ault Park Reflections, Pic Michel 2014 CC 3.0 by-att-nc

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