Pretty Messy - The Balanced Approach to Confusing Things

When things get confusing I often attempt to dig in deeper and start sorting things out.  The thing is, when things get confusing it's not always easy to know how or what to sort out.  

When we can't see the forest for the trees, maybe it's time to stop editing the picture before we even take it.  Life is messy. Really messy. Nature does not neatly arrange many things, but there is a great sense of order to the mess it makes. Just appreciating how messy things can get and getting a little messy ourselves can give the discriminating eye a much needed break.  

When things seem out of balance it could well be that our view is skewed because we are hanging on a viewpoint that is slanted or we are standing on shaky ground. Better to let go and let nature take its course. 

Seeing that the forest and the trees are equally beautiful throughout the seasons, let go of the leaves as they change and prepare for the possibilities of new growth.

Nothing changes
'cept us, 

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