The Universal Operating System


When I made this drawing for Enlightenmeant Cartoons in mid-September, I had no idea what changes were upon me.  At the time I saw it as a commentary on our daily dependency upon devices which seem to rule our world rather than serve it. Little did I know that in a split moment I would be unwillingly and unwittingly introduced to the ways in which I myself acted as such a device, forgetting my true purpose and the greater system to which I am connected. 

Ever since I became aware of this particular situation I have been trying to deal with it, struggling to bring things under control. Those words: trying, struggling, and control all indicate that I am going against the stream of energy that is natural, Life itself.  It's as if instead of sitting beside the stream to admire the flow of life as the leaves fall and flutter off the trees without worry or concern, the woman in the cartoon decides she should run around and try to tape all the leaves to the branches, and stop the stream from flowing. That would be impossible.  

I am reminded of a simple song I sang to a group of wise men and women when I first presented my views on Creative Being.  The struggling self would see a return to an earlier time as a setback. Therein would be the error of the ways that separate us from the flow of life.  There are no setbacks, there is nowhere to progress.  Make that: There is Now/Here to progress.  

There is only to Be in the moment without history or herstory as the case may be, and let the flow of life through rather than block and damn it in (literally and verbally). In this way, like changing seasons and currents, we move effortlessly through a beautifully simple and constant system of operating...merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

If you're making it hard, turn around and go with the flow.


I am thinking of hosting a wisdom group for those who want to share and discuss running the Universal OS and witnessing change and life from a natural perspective. Check it out on fb

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